Artists Using House Guitars

JP Cormier

"I've had some fine instruments slung around my neck in my time, and still own many of them today. That's why I was so intrigued the first time I met Joshua House and played his instruments. Here's a young man with a fresh and commanding vision of how guitars should be made, and how they should sound." [Read More]

Steve Bell

"He's building first-class guitars. It's been great fun to watch him refine and develop...he's building this one for me....It's like waiting for a child to be born, wondering what unique features there might be... how will the guitar influence your playing... what sorts of songs it will inspire. We'll see..." [Read More]

Brian McNeill

"In the guitar Josh House has built for me, there is no flaw of any sort. It's been designed with absolute attention to my personal playing style, and already my playing is improving because of it." [Read More]

Steafan Hannigan

When it comes to music, Steafan Hannigan has pretty much done it all. He plays a wide variety of stringed, woodwind and percussion instruments, all at an expert level. [Read More]

Kenn Fox

Kenn Fox has been a viable component of the Midwest music scene for nearly 30 years. He is known as a guitarist, composer, studio artist, producer and teacher. As a guitarist, he is acclaimed for his explorations of many styles, including modern fingerstyle, electric blues, slide guitar, and world fusion. [Read More]