Grand Auditorium

The Grand Auditorium is a versatile guitar designed to accommodate the needs of fingerstyle players and flat-pickers. The body size offers a balanced tone with lots of volume. Not only does this shape make a great 6-string, but it is also makes a nice 12-string and Baritone. The GA is available in standard scale (25.4") and Fingerstyle scale (25.7"). Please visit the Photo Gallery for more pictures of GA guitars.


Body length: 20"
Upper bout: 11 3/8"
Waist: 9 7/16"
Lower bout: 15 3/4"
Tail block depth: 4 7/16"
Heel depth: 3 3/4"

Artists Playing House GAs:

J.P. Cormier
Brian McNeill
Kenn Fox
Steve Bell