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Available Now/Coming Soon

If you are looking to purchase a House Guitar, but don't want to wait for a custom build than I encourage you to check out these the inventory availible from House Guitars dealers or demo instruments available directly from House Guitars.

New Instruments - If you are purchasing a new instrument from House Guitars or an authorized House Guitars dealer it means that you are the first owner of that instrument. Unless otherwise stated the instrument will be in new (mint) condition and comes with House Guitars limited lifetime warranty to you the original owner. 

Demo Instruments - Most years I build between 2-3 demo instruments that travel with me to guitar shows and music festivals. These instruments remain in my demo inventory until they sell. Most demo instruments are less than 3 years old and have been cared for and maintained by me personally. Typically they are in excellent condition. Please read the description for exact condition of each guitar. Any instruments that have damage as a result of being used as demos will be discounted accordingly. Unless otherwise stated, demo guitars will include full warranty to the original owner. 

Used/Pre-owned - These instruments have had at least 1 previous owner. They do not include any warrant. Please read the description carefully to understand the condition of the instrument you are purchasing. 

Prototype - These instruments can include the first run of a new shape or model. Or an instrument built to test out new features or construction methods. They may be one offs (something I will never build again) or the first of a new regular model to be added to my lineup. These instruments may or may not include a warranty. Read description for full details on each prototype.

Available Now Demos (from House Guitars)

There are no demos available from House Guitars at this time. 

Paramount remains my longest running dealer with the largest inventory of new and used House Guitars instruments.

Contact Kenn Fox for more information on any of these instruments, or to reserve an upcoming build.

Paramount also handles custom order for US clients.  


Please note that many of the "Coming soon" builds are spoken for or sold before they reach the store. As a result they never make it to the website. If you're interested in reserving one of these builds please get in touch with Kenn to discuss options.

In Stock now

Coming soon (2023 builds)

  • OM Deep body, Rosewood/Salvaged Cedar 24.9" (in progress)

  • OM Deep body, Rosewood/Adirondack Cedar 24.9" (in progress)

  • OM Deep body, Rosewood/Adirondack Cedar 24.9" (in progress)

  • SSD Figured Mahogany/Adirondack, 13-fret 24.9"

  • GAc Rosewood/Bearclaw Sitka 25.4"

  • OM Deep body, Rosewood/Euro Spruce 24.9"

  • D28 style, Rosewood/Adirondack 25.4"

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