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Modern Series

The Modern Series offers 3 models geared toward the modern finger-style player. In addition to the House Guitars standard features, each guitar includes a side sound port (optional). Modern Series guitars are available in the following configurations.

Note: I am not currently offering Baritone or 12-string guitars.



Grand Auditorium 

The GA is a versatile instrument which is well suited to a wide range of styles. The rounded body shape makes it comfortable to hold while sitting or standing. It's available in standard scale (25.4”) or fingerstyle scale (25.7”)

Base Price: $3,800 USD (approx. $5,000 CAD)

GA Multi-scale

The multi-scale option takes the versatile of the GA to another level for finger-style players and those using altered tuning. Built standard with a 25"-26" scale it is ideal for tuning such as DADGAD or low C tunings where having extra extra tension on the low strings is key to maintaining a strong tone. The 25" scale on the high end means that the guitar remains very comfortable to play and also possesses the sweet tonal characteristics of a short scale instrument. This model can be configured many ways to suit your playing style and tuning. Other scale lengths are also available. 

Base Price: $5,000 USD (approx. $6,000 CAD)

LG (Little Guitar)

The LG is a small-body guitar with a 23.5” scale (¾ size body). It's a fun instrument to play and its compact size makes it great for travel. It can be set up in standard tuning, or tuned up 3 half-steps (like a Terz), using extra light strings. The unique voice of the LG makes it a great instrument to play in groups that may already have a standard acoustic guitar. LG comes with a SKB hardshell or SKB semi-hard case.

Base Price: $3,800 USD (approx. $5,000 CAD)

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